What should you ask before investing in solar system for home? Converting your home to solar-powered energy is a big decision. Not only is it a financial investment, but it’s also a change in your lifestyle. Here are 10 questions to consider before going solar.

10 Questions to Ask Before Going Solar

1. What are the benefits of solar?

There are several reasons homeowners are going solar. A big one is the savings on monthly utility bills. In addition to financial benefits, many homeowners choose solar because it is a renewable energy source and good for the environment.

2. How much money will I save with solar?

While it’s difficult to give you an exact figure, we can say that our clients turn their electric bill into $10.45 per month, resulting in thousands of dollars of savings each year. 

3. Will solar work for my house?

Going solar can work for almost any house, but the panels may not necessarily be able to go on your roof. To assess if solar would be a good fit for a roof installation on your home, look at how much sunlight hits your roof throughout the day. Think you are too shady?…we have panels that do better in low-light conditions. 

4. How high does your electricity bill need to be to justify solar?

If you’re looking to save money on utility bills, an energy bill of $75 or more a month will justify going solar.

5. How long do solar panels last?

The current life expectancy of today’s equipment is 25 to 30 years. It is essential to ensure you are provided a 25 to 30-year warranty package to protect your equipment and your roof. We provide all clients with a minimum of 25-year warranty protection. 

6. Will I be off-grid if I switch to solar?

There are options for going solar setups. One option is to use batteries and take your home off the grid. This option is expensive, requiring a large amount of battery storage. Many homeowners stay connected to the grid when their panels aren’t producing enough energy. Staying connected to the grid allows you to retain credits for sending electricity back to the utility company. 

7. Do I have to pay for the maintenance of my solar panels?

There is little to no expense for the ongoing maintenance of your solar panels for homes. The sun’s rays are powerful enough to be captured through dust, and rain serves as a natural cleaner. In addition, our no-deductible warranty program will resolve any issue should something happen to one of your panels.

8. Are there rebate programs available?

Yes, there are many rebate programs available. Most homeowners will qualify for the current 30% federal tax credit for their commitment to producing their own power. You may even be eligible for the solar stimulus package after going solar. Just ask! 

9. Does solar power work when it’s cloudy?

While solar panels may produce less energy during cloudy weather, they can still produce electricity. Solar panels work best when placed in full sun. However, our German panels are well-suited for shade-prone and low-light conditions. 

10. Who can I contact about installing solar in my home?

Our team at Bright Planet Consulting will provide a no-pressure, no-nonsense solar solution for you. No gimmicks and just straight answers. It is worth knowing your options. Contact Us for more information on going solar.

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