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Paul Chojnacky

Paul Chojnacky

Owner, Authorized Solar Advisor

Paul has helped hundreds of California families save on their utility operating costs by going solar. His passion for explaining the best options for each individual homeowner is unparalleled in the business. He has trained and managed several top industry professionals and is a trusted authority in the solar energy marketplace. His personable approach and preferred face-to-face meetings ensure the project will be done right the first time

We’re Now Hiring Solar Consultants

Bright Planet Consulting is growing quickly. And we’re always on the lookout for talented solar professionals. If you’d like to help us fulfill our larger mission of greening the planet, we’d love to hear from you.

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2 Ways to Get Started With Bright Planet Consulting

Going solar can sometimes be intimidating for first-timers. And that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get started. Clicking on either of the buttons below allows you to begin exploring your solar system for home options without committing to anything. With this approach, you’ll know (in advance) approximately how much you can save by going solar with Bright Planet Consulting.

For up-to-date incentives text: (209) 340-3393

solar system for home

Founded in 2015, Bright Planet Consulting is a solar engineering firm in California that operates with one singular mission. Our goal is to make sustainable energy accessible and affordable for everyone.

To fulfill this mission, we provide our clients with the highest quality solar system for home on the market.

Competitively priced, our solar solutions work for every budget imaginable, whether you own your home, manage multi-family dwellings, or develop commercial property.

However, we take this sustainability commitment even further by:

  • Determining if you’re eligible for a $0 out-of-pocket program that can reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 40% or more.
  • Helping you secure low-interest financing with specialized solar loans.
  • Ensuring that you qualify for all relevant incentives, rebates, credits, and tax breaks. These subsidies can help drive down the total cost of your solar installation.
  • Customizing, engineering, and installing a professional solar PV system that delivers the highest savings and return on investment (ROI).
  • Providing ongoing PV system maintenance and monitoring to guarantee you receive optimal value from your solar power investment for decades to come.

Whether as a homeowner, property manager, or commercial real estate developer – if your electricity bill is more than $65 a month, we can help you save money by going solar today.


What makes us so confident?

In just the past few years alone, we have served over 1,000 California residents. And to date, we’ve helped our customers save an average of $96 every month (or roughly $1,152 a year).

Moreover, those savings will only increase as utility rates keep climbing up. The solar PV solutions we provide help to shield our customers from these inevitable grid electricity price hikes.

In addition, we maintain partnerships with leading PV manufacturers and solar financing companies, including – Sunrun, Sunlight Financial, Dividend Solar, Nest Labs, and Renew Financial (PACE Financing).

We’re also registered members of:

  • The US Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative
  • The California Contractors State License Board
  • Go Solar California
  • EnergySage
  • PowerScout